The First Ukrainian Contemporary Collage Festival took place at two locations.

Ra Gallery is a very special art space to us, as it meets our internal demands for culture today.

RA Gallery was founded in 1993. During this time, a creative organization was created on its basis, presenting works of contemporary Ukrainian art on the Ukrainian art market, more than a thousand regular public presentations were held: exhibitions, performances, video shows, etc. The gallery's activities are characterized by two strategic directions of development: curatorial projects that reflect current processes and trends in contemporary world and Ukrainian art and more traditional presentations of artists with whom the gallery has been working for many years.

The gallery participates in many festivals and was formed not only as an exhibition space, but also turned into a creative center of communication of various audiences, professional groups and official structures, which allows it to position itself as a completely independent institution on the Ukrainian art scene. Its independence and professionalism largely determine the face of contemporary Ukrainian art...

Museum of the History of Kyiv had fixated the historical moment for Kyiv and Ukraine, as we are the First Contemporary Collage Festival and our steps are important, we've replenished the museum collection with some collages that were presented at the festival. The Museum of the History of Kyiv is open to projects that touch on modern issues and reflect the present.

The museum collection includes more than 280,000 museum items of the main and almost 31,500 research and support funds and consists of archaeological, numismatic, ethnographic collections, as well as thematic complexes of the modern period. These two locations are located in one of the main cities of Kyiv, in the very center, which emphasizes the importance and historicity of the moment.